Xiao Shi Nongyu, the Love Story of Nanchang People and the Love Story of Tongyuan Gorge

2019-11-20 11:41

In the Tongyuan Gorge of Meilin in Nanchang, it is also the birthplace of romantic love stories. The idioms "Xiao Shi makes jade", "Luan Feng harmonizes", and "Long Feng brings auspiciousness" all originate from this.




Legend has it that during the Spring and Autumn Period, the beloved daughter of Duke Mu of Qin, Nongyu, loved music and particularly enjoyed playing the flute. One night, Nongyu dreamed of a handsome young man who was very skilled at playing the flute and was willing to marry her.




After waking up, Nongyu thought about what he belonged to. He followed what he had seen in his dream and went to Tongyuan Gorge. He met a man who was playing flute, named Xiao Shi. He looked exactly like in his dream.
At first sight, Nongyu fell in love, but upon returning, she fell ill with lovesickness and was bedridden.
Nongyu's close maid, Hongniang, felt particularly distressed when she saw Nongyu's restless and increasingly emaciated appearance. So he boldly went out of the palace to meet Xiao Shi and told Xiao Shi about Nongyu's love.
Unexpectedly, since meeting Nongyu, Xiao Shi has already been entrusted with a sincere heart, and the two can be said to hit it off at once. Therefore, Hongniang became the messengers of the two, and Hongyan confided in each other.




Since then, the two have been secretly dating each other, and over time, they have developed a romantic relationship, which has become a perfect match for a hundred years. But upon learning about it, Duke Mu became furious and suspected that Xiao Shi's background was poor and would harm the country's face. He sent soldiers to pursue Xiao Shi Nongyu and wanted to separate the two alive.
But Xiao Shi and Nongyu were equally loyal to love and had already promised to live and die together. Therefore, in order to escape the pursuit of their father's king, they struggled all the way and even hid in the Qin people's cave.
One day, when the officials and soldiers chased after him to the bank of Tongyuan Gorge, Xiao Shi and Nongyu had no way to escape. Nongyu looked around in despair and burst into tears. Unexpectedly, the tears fell and turned into vast expanses of blue waves. Meanwhile, Hongniang threw her red handkerchief into the lake and turned it into a red sailboat. So the three of them boarded the red sailboat and rode away, finding their way out of nowhere.




After avoiding the pursuit of officials and soldiers, Xiao Shi and Nongyu settled on the banks of Tongyuan Gorge to make a living by pounding rice in water mills. Although life was once difficult, with only five copper coins left for the two to make ends meet at the most difficult time, the struggling Nongyu even loved to bite the copper coins and shed tears, this did not affect the love between Xiao Shi and Nongyu in any way.
The two of them are more fond of enjoying themselves in adversity, often singing with their wives and harmonizing with the qin and se. Afterwards, one night, Xiao Shi and Nongyu were playing the flute under the moon, attracting Purple Phoenix and Red Dragon. Xiao Shi told Nongyu that he was an immortal in the upper realm and had a special relationship with Nongyu, so he used the sound of the flute as a combination.




Dragon and phoenix come to welcome you today, you can go. So Xiao Shi rode the dragon, crossed the phoenix with jade, and both of them soared into the air.
The love story of Xiao Shi and Nongyu is a rare and beautiful allusion in classical Chinese love legends that ends with great joy. As the main venue for the love story of Xiao Shi and Nongyu, Tongyuan Gorge is a millennium witness to their steadfast love, which is not bound by secular or poverty.




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