The first choice for tracing rivers around Nanchang: Tongyuan Gorge

2018-04-27 14:03

Busy in the bustling city every day, occasionally feeling bored and tired. Tired of going to bars, KTVs, and other places to vent? Why don't you try a different way to relax and head back to the Tongyuan Gorge in the suburbs! Experience a thrilling and thrilling adventure, relax your mind, and return to nature.
Tongyuan Gorge
The so-called stream tracing is an exploration activity that involves climbing upstream from the downstream of a canyon stream, overcoming various obstacles in the terrain, and reaching the top of a mountain from the source of poor water. Tongyuan Gorge is the only creek tracing area around Nanchang, located between a canyon surrounded by green mountains. Looking around, the mountains are verdant, and the canyons and streams are gurgling with clarity. From the foot of Xiyao Lake to the mountainside, or from the west side of Wanli City along Xingfu Lake, you can see Tongyuan Gorge.
Tongyuan Mountain Manor is the starting point for Tongyuan Gorge to trace the river, so people who go to Tongyuan Gorge to trace the river will first settle here. This is a private farm where you can not only eat authentic local chickens, but also appreciate the exquisite root carvings carved by the owner himself. Tongyuan Gorge is right behind the house of the mountain villa. After lunch in the villa, you can officially start your journey of tracing the river! The stream here is different from those gentle streams. It is more turbulent and sometimes collides with rocks, triggering waves of white waves and arousing everyone's desire to try. Almost eagerly, everyone begins to take off their shoes and step on the water! Surrounded by piles of giant stones, the stream poured down from among them, and the cold touch couldn't help but make people exclaim with excitement!
Tracing the river is a thrilling and thrilling experience, and the process of wading requires caution because the stones under the river are slippery and can easily cause people to fall. Some people swim and some have water fights in areas with deep streams, and there is a lot of laughter and excitement. Dense forests and turbulent streams, when you hike in the stream, the air is filled with bursts of water vapor, like smoke and mist, like a fairyland. Occasionally, water droplets dripping from the rocks above will make you suddenly awaken. When you cross obstacles and stand at the top of a mountain, looking at a natural scroll composed of blue sky, green mountains, and clear water in the distance, you will find that the Copper Source Gorge, located deep in the mountains, has a beauty that is "unknown to those raised in the depths of the boudoir".
During the process of tracing the river, you can also see patches of high mountain terraces, which are very spectacular. They are known as the "aerial countryside" in the city and are a unique scenery of Tongyuan Gorge. The characteristics of these terraced fields are: high mountains, high fields, and small fields. The spring plowing season at the end of May and the beginning of June each year is the most beautiful time of the year for these terraced fields. The water in the fields that have not yet been planted is like a mirror, reflecting the green mountains and blue sky, with the most rich sense of hierarchy. Some of the terraced fields after transplanting seedlings have a light green color, which looks very pleasing.
1. Driving route: Nanchang City, from the starting point to Fenghezhong Avenue - Exhibition Road - Cultural Avenue - Industrial Avenue - Hongwan Avenue - Xingfu Road - X004- Tongyuanxia Mountain Villa.
2. The stones under the stream are generally slippery, so it's best to wear anti slip shoes when tracing the stream.
3. It's best to travel in groups when tracing the river.

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There is another good place for citizens to relax - Meiling Tongyuan Gorge has officially opened to pick up customers!

On April 25th, the opening ceremony of the first Tongyuan Gorge Sunshine Culture Festival was held, which also means that citizens have another good place to relax on weekends. It is reported that the Tongyuan Gorge Scenic Area is located at the foot of the beautiful Xiaofeng in Wangcheng Town, next to Xiaojia Village, in the newly built area. The scenic area covers an area of 8.6 square kilometers, including 2 square kilometers of Happiness Lake and 5 kilometers of Tongyuan Canyon, with an area of 4.6 square kilometers. The scenic area is 2 kilometers away from Wanli urban area, 12 kilometers away from Nanchang West Railway Station, and 25 kilometers away from Changbei International Airport. Tongyuan Gorge Scenic Area


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