Dinosaur Footprints Discovered in the Tongyuan Gorge Scenic Area of Meiling! The First Dinosaur Festival of Tongyuan Gorge!

2019-11-28 16:24

Hear a burst of good news!
Tongyuan Gorge Dinosaur Theme Park
The grand opening of the garden!!
Dozens of Giant Jurassic Dinosaur Families Visiting the Theme Park
Super Dinosaur Party!
Friends of Nanchang, hurry up and embark on a magical journey!
Activity Details of Tongyuan Gorge Dinosaur Theme Park
Dinosaur Theme Park Grand Opening!
Offering a grand gift to the general public
Tongyuan Gorge Dinosaur Theme Park
Free and unlimited tickets for adult women
Please refer to the middle paragraph of the article for details
The "Beautiful Dating" for the whole nation - I have a date with a dinosaur!
Grand Opening!
Activity time: November 30th to December 8th
Every day from 8:30 to 17:30
No rest at noon. No change in weather
Activity location: Tongyuan Gorge Scenic Area, Nanchang City
Jurassic Dinosaur Exhibition Area
Do you remember?
That once ruled the Earth for 8000 years,
The Most Hegemonic Creature - Dinosaurs
I used to fantasize about leaving a memorial on a film with dinosaurs,
Now we can finally clap and clap! Shoot enough!
Tyrannosaurus rex, Ceratosaurus rex, Scythosaurus
Triceratops, Allosaurus, Brachiosaurus... 35 types of giant dinosaurs
From the Jurassic period to modern times
Put down your phone, put down your computer!
Accompany the children in a leisurely vacation
Exploring the Mysterious Parent Child Tour of Dinosaurs
Except in movies
Feel the roar from ancient times,
Feel the shock brought by the plane
Do you
There will be a Jurassic plot in my heart
Now you are about to realize your dream in your heart!
Tyrannosaurus rex, Ceratosaurus rex, Scythosaurus
Triceratops, Allosaurus, Brachiosaurus... 35 species of giant dinosaurs,
The 13 meter high Tyrannosaurus Rex is coming in shock!
Crossing Dinosaur Island and returning to the Jurassic!
Various simulated dinosaurs can be seen and touched,
They not only have large bodies, but also can move,
More realistic roaring sounds,
Shuttle through it, as if you were in the Jurassic world billions of years ago!
Welfare 1: Ticket free population
1. Elderly people over 65 years old can enter the park free of charge with valid documents
2. Disabled and active military personnel are allowed to enter the park free of charge with valid documents
3. Children under 1.2 meters enter the park free of charge
Get activity benefits first!
I just want to know how to get tickets~
Welfare 2: Free ticket exchange method
Activity consultation hotline
↓ ↓ ↓
eighteen billion nine hundred and forty-two million two hundred and forty-nine thousand three hundred and fifty-four
Welfare 3: Ticket Purchase Strategy
Didn't receive the ticket? Not meeting the ticket collection conditions?
No problem!
Original ticket price: 50 yuan/person for adults, 35 yuan/person for students
Purchase tickets based on this message to enjoy
Adult 30 yuan/person, child 20 yuan/person
dear! Good news cannot be enjoyed alone!
Tell your friends quickly!
Wait a moment "" "" "
Are you still throwing your phone to the child this weekend?
Where are you going to play on the weekend of worrying?
After completing the homework,
Take your child to a dinosaur park to explore the mysteries and fun of dinosaurs!
A place that is both knowledgeable and fun is here!!
November 30th - December 8th, limited to 9 days
Bring your family, friends, and camera
To Tongyuan Gorge Dinosaur Theme Park
Explore the Mysterious Age of Dinosaurs and Interact with Dinosaurs
Let's call on friends and tell each other
Large cartoon air model display area
This super fun place
There will also be Victoria Harbour Super Yellow Duck to take you into the colorful fairy tale world!
Various cartoon characters
Whether you are a childlike adult or an innocent and lively child
Please enter the Tongyuan Gorge Scenic Area
Cheers and laughter, picking up beautiful memories of childhood together!
Parent Child Fishing Competition
Big hand holding small hand, fish follow me!
The clear and bottomless pool water, the lively fish,
Fishing with a net, what you catch is yours.
Hurry up and bring your cute baby,
Let's enjoy the fun of parent-child fishing together!
Benefits! Free catch of fish, catch and take away
Don't see you, don't part~

Transportation Guidelines

Exhibition time 
November 30-December 8, 2019 (including two weekends)
Opening Hours: 8:30-17:30
(No rest at noon, no change in weather)
Exhibition address
Address: Xingfu Village, Wangcheng Town, Xinjian District, Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province (by Xingfu Lake)
bus line 
You can take buses 146, 166, or 508 to Wanli Xingfu Reservoir Station and get off. There are scenic spot shuttle buses available for transportation..
For more information, call 18942249354
Self driving navigation search: "Tongyuan Gorge Scenic Area - Entrance"
Alternatively, long press the QR code recognition to navigate with one click
November 30th - December 8th (9 days)
I am waiting for you at Tongyuan Gorge in Nanchang
Don't see you, don't part~
Currently, over 36865 people have followed and joined us
If you encounter messages that cannot be opened or content that cannot be viewed, please do not panic. As long as your records are still available, you will also enjoy the above benefits!
Activity Description
1. Children need to be accompanied by adults to participate in this activity.
2. Please obey the instructions of the staff, follow the order on site, and pay attention to safety.
3. Please take good care of the elderly and children accompanying you to avoid accidents if lost.
4. Some of the pictures are for reference only, subject to the actual product on site!
5. The copyright belongs to the organizer of the event. If there is any malicious infringement, we will resolutely protect our rights through the law!
The final interpretation right of this event belongs to Jiangxi Nanchang Tongyuanxia Tourism Development Co., Ltd
Team Benefits
A team of ten or more people
One day expansion: 138 yuan/person
Extended one day tour: 168 yuan/person
Fun Mountaineering: 138 yuan/person
One day parent-child study tour: 108 yuan/person
Details consultation: 18173725855


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There is another good place for citizens to relax - Meiling Tongyuan Gorge has officially opened to pick up customers!

On April 25th, the opening ceremony of the first Tongyuan Gorge Sunshine Culture Festival was held, which also means that citizens have another good place to relax on weekends. It is reported that the Tongyuan Gorge Scenic Area is located at the foot of the beautiful Xiaofeng in Wangcheng Town, next to Xiaojia Village, in the newly built area. The scenic area covers an area of 8.6 square kilometers, including 2 square kilometers of Happiness Lake and 5 kilometers of Tongyuan Canyon, with an area of 4.6 square kilometers. The scenic area is 2 kilometers away from Wanli urban area, 12 kilometers away from Nanchang West Railway Station, and 25 kilometers away from Changbei International Airport. Tongyuan Gorge Scenic Area


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