Happiness Reservoir

2018-04-25 21:38

The lake water is clear and transparent, with sparkling waves. The scenery of the lake and mountains is always interesting, and the morning light rises slightly. The lake surface seems to be covered with a layer of light mist and smoke, and the water, islands, mountains, and sky are all the same, confused and mysterious; The dawn mist fades away, revealing its beauty and tranquility; The setting sun tilts to the west, clouds and smoke merge in all directions, mountains and waters far away dissolve in the vast twilight, like a dream and fantasy; The drizzle is falling heavily, and the lake surface is hazy and ethereal. The scenery on the lake is faintly visible, seemingly non-existent, like a scroll of ink painting; After the clouds and rain fall, the red sun rises in the sky, and the Xiaohu Lake shimmers with ripples, holding out a thousand hectares of glass. The mountains are green and exceptionally beautiful.

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There is another good place for citizens to relax - Meiling Tongyuan Gorge has officially opened to pick up customers!

On April 25th, the opening ceremony of the first Tongyuan Gorge Sunshine Culture Festival was held, which also means that citizens have another good place to relax on weekends. It is reported that the Tongyuan Gorge Scenic Area is located at the foot of the beautiful Xiaofeng in Wangcheng Town, next to Xiaojia Village, in the newly built area. The scenic area covers an area of 8.6 square kilometers, including 2 square kilometers of Happiness Lake and 5 kilometers of Tongyuan Canyon, with an area of 4.6 square kilometers. The scenic area is 2 kilometers away from Wanli urban area, 12 kilometers away from Nanchang West Railway Station, and 25 kilometers away from Changbei International Airport. Tongyuan Gorge Scenic Area


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