【 Donkey Friend 】 Meiling Flower Hunting - A trip to Tongyuan Gorge accompanied by him all the way

2018-04-27 11:51

On the night of going to Meiling to search for flowers, the next day it happened to rain with clear spring rain. Thinking of climbing the mountain alone in the mud, Zheng Lei couldn't help but feel a bit timid. Zheng Lei was a bit enthusiastic and volunteered to accompany me. Accompanied by him along the way, the journey of finding flowers naturally adds a lot of fun.
When the car arrived in the bay, the sky suddenly cleared up. With the enthusiastic solicitation of the three wheeled car owners, we agreed on the fare to Tongyuan Gorge. Along the way, the sweet breath of spring rushed into the car, making people feel extremely comfortable. From time to time, there were bright red Yingshan Red passing by on both sides of the road, although the condition of the road was worse than we imagined, and the bumpy bones were almost scattered.
Master Deng, who was driving, was a native of the Wanli area. Speaking of the history of Tongyuan Gorge, he had a good time chatting along the way. He arrived happily and promised to be our guide. With a guide and a "bodyguard", the originally imagined place of life was unfamiliar and unsafe. They were all thrown into the Nine Nights Cloud, leaving only the feeling of enjoying flowers!
Entering the Tongyuan Gorge, the green mountains facing us are surprisingly green, with clear layers of light green, emerald green, and dark green, resembling the colors casually sprinkled by landscape painters. Under the sunlight, they shine a bit dazzling. The streams within the canyon murmur, and the unknown wildflowers along the roadside are brightly colored, mostly yellow and purple. The yellow petals seem to be coated with a layer of oil, shining brightly and dazzling, leaving people puzzled. Is it true, as Master Deng said, that the underground contains abundant copper elements at work?
Although my eyes were constantly attracted by the approaching water mill house and my ears listened to the roaring sound of the water, I still did not forget my task - to find Yingshan Red. In fact, in the Tongyuan Canyon, Yingshan Red does not need to be found. It is not an exaggeration to describe its existence in terms of mountains and fields. Against the backdrop of lush green trees, clusters of Yingshan Red are like flames, making people feel uplifted. Upon closer observation, the more strange rocks on the cliff, the more beautiful the flower posture of Yingshan Red is, making people want to climb straight up. Walking all the way, I finally forgot the instruction of "I won't pick flowers if they look good". I couldn't help but use both hands and feet, and climbed down a few branches. It was even as tall as others, and carrying it on my shoulder felt fun and impressive!
When I returned, it was already late and the car passed by the Happy Lake. The water was rippling, and the dazzling red hues in the island in the center of the lake were naturally the most beautiful flower of spring - Yingshan Red.

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There is another good place for citizens to relax - Meiling Tongyuan Gorge has officially opened to pick up customers!

On April 25th, the opening ceremony of the first Tongyuan Gorge Sunshine Culture Festival was held, which also means that citizens have another good place to relax on weekends. It is reported that the Tongyuan Gorge Scenic Area is located at the foot of the beautiful Xiaofeng in Wangcheng Town, next to Xiaojia Village, in the newly built area. The scenic area covers an area of 8.6 square kilometers, including 2 square kilometers of Happiness Lake and 5 kilometers of Tongyuan Canyon, with an area of 4.6 square kilometers. The scenic area is 2 kilometers away from Wanli urban area, 12 kilometers away from Nanchang West Railway Station, and 25 kilometers away from Changbei International Airport. Tongyuan Gorge Scenic Area


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