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Glass water slide

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08:00-17:30 from July to October; 11- June 08:30-17:00 of the following year


Tourists can ride a rubber raft and drift down the winding glass water slide, passing through the jungle and treetops, feeling cool and exciting.

Scenic Area Details

Tourists can ride a rubber raft and drift down the winding glass water slide, passing through the jungle and treetops, feeling cool and exciting.
In order to achieve thrilling and thrilling effects, the glass water slide not only has a very high drop, but also splashes huge splashes of water at several major turning points, bringing tourists a more exciting gaming experience.
The glass water slide, also known as the glass drift river, is designed, optimized and upgraded based on the experience of large-scale ecological drift. Build a drift trough according to the terrain, with a water depth of about 20 centimeters. The water is carried downstream by a boat in the drift trough, with controllable speed and a balance of stimulation and safety, ensuring a safety of 300%. In terms of design, we can ensure that tourists do not wet their clothes during drifting, enjoy the natural landscape along the way, breathe fresh air, and enjoy the pleasure of sliding at high altitude speed and passion.
Applicable scope
Outdoor slopes, forests, dams, rivers, lakes, large tourist attractions, and other relatively open or narrow passages.
High altitude, high transparency, high speed, low site requirements, high returns, can be designed in a variety of shapes, with mechanical strength, dimensional stability, good anti-aging performance, and good outdoor weather resistance. With healthy exercise and leisure entertainment, it allows people to enjoy the fun of drifting and water playing games in the scorching summer.
Specification and Material
The glass water slide mainly consists of pile foundations, pillars, steel frames, and high-strength tempered glass. The length and width are designed according to customer needs. The pile foundation is a reinforced concrete structure; The pillars are made of reinforced concrete or hot-dip galvanized national standard steel pipes (selected by the customer based on their preferences and actual on-site conditions); The steel framework * * is made of national standard steel (the railing is made of 304 stainless steel), with a load-bearing safety coefficient of over 10; The glass adopts multi-layer laminated ultra white tempered glass, with multiple specifications such as 12+1.8+12mm on the bottom and 10+1.57+10mm on the side for customers to choose from.

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